Fun with White Labs

Friday Lab Happenings
Finally got a chance to plate out the three White Labs vials which came in last week. As I need to make back-ups of all the Brettanomyces spp. which I collect in order to possibly re-propagate throughout the research, I inoculated 2 MYPG agar plates for each strain. The plates were inoculated with .1 ml of suspended yeast slurry and dispersed using glass beads. After inoculating, the plates were placed in the growth chamber at 28°C. Single colonies will then be transferred from the plates onto multiple MYPG agar slopes. MYPG agar has become my go to medium for storage and growth throughout the entire research project.

Pipetting out B. claussenii
(WLP 645)

Done pipetting with a 1 litre starter
labeled and inoculated

The three White Labs
Brett strains propagating
in the Orbital incubator

The remaining yeast suspensions were each poured into separate 1 litre starters. The 1.5 litre Erlenmeyer flasks were made up with 1 litre of MYPG solution without the addition of agar and autoclaved as stated in the MYPG recipes posted earlier. The flasks were then placed into the Gallenkamp – Orbital Incubator with constant shaking at 80 rpm and a temperature of 28°C.

~ by Chad on March 13, 2009.

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