Brettanomyces Research Fermentation Photos

Thought I would include some photos of the pure culture fermentations to give some insight into the research project and show how I set up to observe 105 trial fermentations.

WLP/BSI/CMY primary fermentationsCMY001 & BSI-Drie strains along with
WhiteLabs strains in a temperature
controlled incubator

Close up of Fermentations in incubatorClose up with some of the fermentations
initially containing lactic acid

WY/WLP/BSI/CMY pitchrate primary fermentationsCMY001 & BSI-Drie, Wyeast, and WhiteLabs
strains with different pitch rates in a
temperature controlled incubator

Wyeast Primary FermentationPreparing Wyeast strains before moving to a
temperature controlled environment

WLP650 surface pellicleSurface yeast or pellicle forming on
WLP650 B. bruxellensis

Close up of surface pellicleClose up of the thin crusty pellicle

~ by Chad on November 1, 2009.

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